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About us

We are a group of child and youth mental health advocates who represent communities across Canada. Our team includes mental health professionals, psychologists, early childhood professionals, frontline workers, adult educators, and academics and researchers. We work with families living in remote, rural, and inner-city areas.

Handle with Care Founding Partners - 2014

The founding partners from the Yukon, Manitoba, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island have a long history of collaboration.

During the past several years, we built strong collaborative relationships with community partners who support and celebrate parenting and caregiving practices of families. Over 80% of these families live in communities that share the common features of low socio-economic status, but differ in terms of geography (i.e., hard-to-reach, rural, inner-city), population (e.g., new immigrants/refugees, on- and off- reserve Indigenous People, Caucasians, incarcerated individuals, victims/survivors of domestic violence), and family stressors (e.g., intergenerational or developmental trauma, single parenthood, teenage parenthood). Thanks to our champion partners, the program is now delivered across Canada in nine provinces and the three territories. The popularity of Handle with Care among community stakeholders has increased during the past several years as has the national registry of certified Handle with Care facilitators.

Handle with Care Partners - 2017


Handle with Care Partners - 2018


Last Modified: 01-Mar-2020