A Guide for Families and Caregivers

10 year anniversary


Celebrating 10 years of inspirational accomplishments
Trained certified Handle with Care Facilitators 1300+
Accredited Handle with Care Master Trainers 25
Number of Canadian communities offering the program 200+
Number of families who received the program 3300+
Number of children affected by the program 7700+

  • About 40% of HWC Facilitators have an Early Childhood Educators background, many facilitators have training mental health, teaching, adult education and psychology

  • Handle with Care has been offered in over 200 community sites across Canada

  • Since 2015, the Handle with Care was offered to over 2300 individuals and families across Canada

  • The majority of participants were recent immigrant populations and Indigenous people from across Canada

  • Currently, Handle with Care is supported by provincial/territorial funding in the Yukon, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick

Provinces and territories Handle with Care covers currently: 


Last Modified: 01-Mar-2020